Hi, People of the world

I was wanting to take this opportunity to say to everyone who feels unhappy or like they are not good enough, good looking enough or that there is something wrong with them.

There isn't anything wrong with YOU, no one is the same, everyone has a different story, everyone life is different and with all the pressure of being the perfect something whatever it is.... Well that is WRONG  you shouldn't have to fell bad about being yourself or feel like you have to justify yourself to everyone.

Instead you should concentrate on being the perfect YOU as there is only one of them and there no one to judge you by out of all the people in the world there is only one you, so you can be the perfect one and that doesn't mean everything in life has to go your way or be right, who cares if you screw up? Everyone does from time to time it's only normal and no one is perfect 100% of the time.

Everyone has had that experience of going to some important event or party and they have the most enormous spot appear a day or so before the event is and you end up going to whatever it is and all you can think about is that damn spot that just insists on coming along and wont just disappear. So you spend the whole time worrying if any one has, will or going to notice it and point it out or say something or take a photo of you with it and you not realise will it be all over the internet?

Wouldn't you rather be having fun enjoying it and focusing on having fun and making new friends or just being with friends because I know I certainly would we have far to many pressures in everyday life then to go adding to them and anyway we have all been there done that got the flaming t-shirt to boot.

We need to have conversations more about mental health and how it affects people and how they can get help. Make it a more open topic not something that shouldn't be discussed or addressed and less of something to be brushed under the carpet or just told to get on with it.

Just remember everyone reading this that you are the PERFECT YOU!!   

      Best Wishes  

Hi guys,

I was really like reading these mindfulness quotes that I have found and I thought that you would enjoy reading them to and would hopefully make you feel better or help you out seeing it is a Monday.

So with out further ado here they are

"In the end, just three things matter:
How well we have lived
How well we have loved
How well we have learned to let go"

Jack Kornfield

Sometimes it helps to just simplify things not everything is complicated or needs to be.

"Be happy in the moment, that's enough.
Each moment is all we need, not more."

Mother Teresa

"One in five people have dandruff.
One in four people have mental health problems. I've had both."

Ruby Wax

I like this one because it highlights how many people actually suffer with some kind of mental illness. I also found it a little bit funny comparing how many people have dandruff , to how many have a mental illness.

"If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon
in a perfectly useless manner,
you have learned how to live."

Lin Yutang

I think this one is trying to say enjoy yourself, when you can, but I'm not sure I think everyone can take something different from these.

I just thought this would be a nice little post to do and I have found it quite enjoyable to do I am looking forward to seeing your responses to this post ☺

Best wishes
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Hi Guys Hope you are all doing well,

Well, today I thought I would talk to you about Discrimination and how it needs to stop.

 There are many forms of discrimination and all of them bad, it damages peoples lives sometimes beyond repair (I know that sounds extreme but it's true, it can in some cases). It doesn't matter what it is. It could be race, disability, age, religion, sexuality or many other things. In most cases no one chooses the way they are, some are born that way or because of an illness, disease, an accident or circumstances out of there control.

It seems unfair to judge someone because of something they have no choice over and have to live with for the rest of there lives knowing that people will look at them differently or treat them different, call them names and be bullied for something that is not there fault.

All anyone wants really deep down in is to be accepted by people, that is hard enough on it's own for anyone but for people that are discriminated against it's even harder. It can very lonely when you think no one accepts you or likes you for who you are plus for example if you have some kind of accident and you become disabled, not only do you have to deal with the fact your whole world has changed but the fact that possibly your friends might not all of a sudden be friends or you lose other relationships because of it and it becomes isolating and very lonely, when you need people the most.

That's a lot to deal with all at once, just imagine how you will feel, if that was you? How would you feel? I imagine you would not feel all that good maybe depressed. On the flip side imagine if that was you how do you think that would make you feel if everyone suddenly abandoned you
just when you needed them the most? There person themselves have not changed they are the same person as before just they need more support and help at times, all that has changed is your behaviour towards them. Is that fair?

Judging people for the colour of their skin, Just doesn't seem right we are all made up of the same stuff all have the same parts that make up or bodies. We can all do the same things, achieve the same things. It doesn't matter what colour our skin is we are all the same on the inside. It is just or attitude towards each other, that spoils it and it may only be a few, the majority of people may not care what colour your skin is. I know there is more to this problem then just that and from what I know it has a lot to with what happened in the past and yes we made mistakes in the past maybe it's time to say we are sorry and what happened in the past may not be what us in the present believe. For some it might to deeply imbedded in them for them to except that we are all the same and we all have to live on this world together, so we better make the most of it.

We should all stand together to stop discrimination of any form
Best Wishes

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Hi there guys,

I have had this thought/ idea floating around in my head a little while now and it involves you guys in some way or another.

So what is this idea, I hear you say? Well I am just getting to that part. My idea was to help spread the word about charities or organisations  that don't always get that much promotion or attention bought to them.

So it can be any charity or organisation that you think is worthy of hopefully (fingers crossed if this works). help or attention brought to there cause.

There are many ways it which you can help big and small, it could be a simple as suggesting a charity or organisation or simply passing the word around or letting bloggers or other influencers know or it could doing a blog post on a certain charity or organisation.

My aim at the moment is just to get a group of people together to post about which ever charities or organisations there feel deserve the extra promotion. I was also thinking that maybe we could swap charities or organisations to keep the help coming as we all have different audience and readers.

I would also like to involve other influencers like I said before but not sure how to yet as I said it is only an idea yet

Please feel free to share ,comment or get in contact about this post and the more the merrier

Best Wishes

Hi Peeps,

How are you all today? I was wanted to tell you about this product that I have found recently well within the last couple of months and I have been loving.

So for some reason lately I have been suffering from some dry skin, which I don't normally suffer from. So I had nothing really in my house to help with this little problem I was having until. I popped to one of my closets Boots and bought my self some Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Intense  Repairer Lotion for dry and rough skin.

I have been using it daily and I started to see results very quickly, plus it is non greasy and non sticky which is fab! It is think though which I kind of like, as I find these types of lotions work better, but do take a few minutes or so to sink into your skin deeply, so it just doesn't moisturize the top layer of your skin but through all your skins layers.

It also worked a treat on my skin I would put some before and after pictures in this post, but to be honest with you I did not plan to do a blog post on it so didn't take any before pictures sorry guys and I can't turn back time (which would be so cool if I could). I will though try and remember for next to.

See I am learning as I am going, which is always a good thing and a key thing to blogging!

Best Wishes
P.S Here is a handy link to the product mentioned


Hey guys,

As you may or may not know I enjoy going for walks, whilst I am going on these walks I like to take photo's. So saying that I thought I would share I with you guys.

So I went for a little trip to Bradford- on-Avon with is a lovely old town about 20 minutes drive from Bath in England.

It is a place fully of nice country side and old buildings which all look beautiful and has it's own charm to them it really is a stunning place if you like going on walks then I highly recommend going there also there are lots of restaurants and cafe's or tea rooms there for you have something to eat or drink and enjoy.

 So here are some of my pictures I did take for you to have a little look at and have a glimpse to what it is like there enjoy 😊.

Please feel free to comment and share where you have been lately and what it was like. I hope you have a good week

Best Wishes


Hi There wonderful readers

I thought today I would bring you some motivation into your Monday's, with a few quotes as I think we all need a bit of motivating on a Monday to get us through the day and get a good start to the week  ahead. (well that is the plan fingers crossed it works).

So there you have it. Some hopefully motivational or inspirational quotes to help you get through the day. If you have any then please feel free to share them. I hope you all have a good day
Best Wishes

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